I need to update, again?!

Navigating the world of IT when you just need to get on with your job can be daunting.
Computers are a tool. The various bits of equipment are tools. Printers and Scanners are tools


But there are times when it seems the PC system just “takes over” and you’re stuck looking at an incoherent message on your screen, that indicates “YOU” have done something to grind your PC to an abrupt halt. We’ve all been there.

What does this even mean? “Fatal Error…?…has something died…?”

Fortuantely there’s a few things you can do, and in some cases not do.
The first is not to panic. Most of the time, the message is only informational, displayed in a way that makes it seem urgent. It’s usually an indication that something internal is going on, most of which you have no control over. So take a breath, click “OK” or the “X”, and carry on. “But this one is persistant…” i hear you say. And yes, there are those messages that seem to keep appearing with increasing frequency.

This is the point when things get frustrating, your eyes widen and you question the meaning of life, whilst reaching for the chocolate bar in the bottom drawer.

And This Is My point

I took my electric lawnmower out of the shed last April, dusted it off, plugged it in and…nothing. I checked the fuse, i checked that little switch on the handle, I checked the wire. I applied all the technical knowledge i could muster to no avail and I could increasingly feel the burning stare of my partner on the back of my head. I rang my dad in a (slight) panic. The problem? The blades underneath were seized. A few missing hairs and a can of WD40 later, i was mowing contently in the rain.

I.T is The Same

We could get all worked up over the technicalities of it, but the real issue is our approach. I went to the one man who i knew could help me in this predicament, my only mistake was that i didn’t ring him earlier.

Maintenance is as important for Computers as it is for Lawnmowers, but it’s an often overlooked approach due to the perceived expense. However, with the right contacts as well as clear, understandable and honest communication of IT terminology, you can powering through your work like a mower in the rain

Peter Hamer
Technical Manager at TecIT


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